Why this blog?

I have spent my life in helping people, most of those years as a pastor. Major depression sidelined me. It didn’t take away my belief that what I was doing was good and important. It drained my ability to function with joy and enthusiasm. Retirement has brought a new perspective and every year since I retired (2010) I am moving closer to the joy and freshness of my calling once again. Blogging gives me the chance to do that without the suffocating administration and weight of responsibility I felt as pastor of a large congregation. Here I can share from my heart my experience, my healing, and my hope for the future.

In early 2011 my leg and back pain, which had before been bothersome, demanded attention.  Doctors and therapists have helped me understand that my spinal problems are creating the pain and that, even with a successful surgery in 2014, that pain will have to be managed and adjusted to. Living with pain is widening my compassion for so many.

I blog for you and for me. We are all wounded by life, some critically, and we need to help each other. I write from a Christian perspective because my relationship with God is my life. 71 years have given me wide perspective and I have learned many things. But I am only a fellow traveler with you, dependent on the kindness and grace of God. I sincerely hope that, in my blogs, you will find acceptance, hope, and encouragement.