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Hi, I’m Dave. I live in southern Arizona with my wife, Karon, and our little dog, Molly. I have three adult children (who turned out wonderfully, thanks to my wife), eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. In my former life I pastored congregations in five states and, when I wasn’t pastoring, I tried my hand at other church-related occupations.

I write from the viewpoint of over seventy years, but especially as a recovering obsessive-compulsive perfectionist who lives with depression. I am a veteran of back surgery and spinal injections and I’m learning to live with increasing pain from a degenerating spine. Decreased strength and mobility  have introduced me to a whole new world inhabited by many more people than I thought. I have found that life is neither easy nor simple, but even so, life can be wonderful when we live out our Christian faith and accept God’s hand that He always extends to help and befriend us.

“Night Songs” is my blog about how we can survive aging, pain, and disappointment, and still maintain a positive, hopeful spirit in a broken and often frightening world. Come and join me on my journey! I hope you will comment as we learn together about life.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Pastor Dave, not only will I be following…I will be sharing your blog as well! Grateful for you sharing your journey and giving perspective, especially to those of us who have similar struggles and play similar tapes in our heads. I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons God doesn’t erase those tapes completely is because He wants us to remember just enough so we can empathize and speak into the lives of others. Thank you for doing this! God bless you, Karen, and your blogging efforts!


  2. Dear Sir,i am pastor paul from India.In the year 2000 south meridian church of God Indiana helped us for the church construction.During that time were you the pastor of that church.I have been searching for you from some years but didn’t find you.If you are that pastor please give me reply.waiting for your valuable reply.


  3. Sir,i got your contact through “Rhonda Rider Neidert”s face book friend list.We are very happy to find you.I min contact with pas.Ed Hyatt from more than 6 years.I send him mails apart from him i never contacted any body from south meridian church


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