Month: December 2015

Twelve Ways to Live in 2016

  The older I get the faster time seems to fly by each year. Why is this? Is it my accumulation of years and experience, the constant changes in technology and communication, the fact that my children are becoming grandparents, the growing awareness of my mortality, or perhaps all of the above? Perhaps you feel…

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Not so Normal Night

Originally posted on u.b.healthy:
Ordinary People — Extraordinary Plan The Christmas message is about a bunch of ordinary people involved in an extraordinary story. Sometimes I think it is easy for us to read the story of Jesus’ birth and imagine that the other characters in the story were set apart and different in…

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I Will Take Care of You

In earlier blogs I have talked about my pain from a degenerating spine. Surgery in October of 2014 promised relief which did not materialize. More recent tests have revealed multiple issues and my surgeon has declined further surgery at this point. For the last year I have managed pretty well with pain medicine and even…

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